Overcoming Your Fear of Injections Before Undergoing a Botox Injection

You might already have an idea about Botox injections, and why they’re effective in making you look younger. These procedures have been around for a long time. You won’t go under the knife with Botox, but you will still face the needle. If you want to see the effects of Botox, but you fear injections, these tips will help you.

Talk to your doctor

Let your physician know your fear. Be straightforward in saying that you are afraid of needles, but you want to give Botox injections a shot. They will help by building a bond with you, so each time you visit the clinic, it will be a comfortable experience. You will feel more relaxed and eager to try the procedure.

Look at videos of people getting the procedure

It also helps if you look at people who did the procedure before. It might be awkward at first, but you will feel more comfortable as you move along. You will then realise that it’s not as terrible as you expect it to be. Besides, the best way to conquer your fear is by being familiar with the treatment. Learning about how it works makes things less scary.

Breathe in and out

Deep breathing can help you stay relaxed. If you fear flying and your plane hits turbulence, you can use this technique too. Breathing calms your nerves down. You can also face other, less stressful situations and observe your breath during those times. When you eventually have to get a Botox injection, you can master this technique and get it done quickly.

Bring someone you trust

Find someone who can be with you during the procedure. You can touch this person’s hands while undergoing the treatment. It feels good to know that you have someone by your side to make things better. Ask your physician first if another person could be in the room with you.

Talk during the procedure

In other invasive procedures, you might have to be asleep the entire time. It’s the best way to avoid seeing what’s happening. When you do anti wrinkle injections, you will be awake the entire time. You can distract yourself by talking to the physician and other care providers. Talk about your life and how your day was. You can even talk about pets and other topics that will make you feel relaxed. If your doctor has a sense of humour, it’s even better.

If you want to get through the treatment, you have to be brave. Besides, it’s not painful. It looks scary, but it’s not. If you also think about the positive results, you will find a way to power through the pain. Next time, you will feel more confident getting Botox. You will also be braver in facing needles if you need injections for other reasons. Make sure you don’t place yourself under immense stress because of this fear. You can suspend your plans if you think you can’t get through it.

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