What differentiates the IRT methodology from others in terms of the science and the outputs?

Truthsayers‘s implicit tests have been specifically designed for commercial market research. Their tests provide huge flexibility in terms of the questions that can be addressed, the platforms they can be taken on, and whether tests are run online, at a central location, or in people’s homes.

Their flagship BrainLink™ tool is based on very robust scientific principles in neuroscience and cognitive psychology, with validation in FMRI and 100’s of publications. The principles of affective priming form the basis of our implicit system 1 tests and these principles are consistent with our knowledge of how the mind works. It is also compatible with theories of how the brain stores and processes knowledge and emotion.

Truthsayers has a database of hundreds of individual reaction times collected over several thousand tests and use this to develop the attributes which benchmark a sector.

Truthsayers tests are TRULY implicit – respondents merely detect the presence or absence of a target (e.g., a brand logo) which has a right or wrong answer. By cleverly flashing distracting words and images on the screen, we can see how these affect target detection in terms of reaction times. When we do this we can know how someone feels about the target (which could be a brand, a pack, a brand claim, and so on). Moreover, we can characterise how they feel towards it on an array of word or picture attributes.

The result is a clear picture of how consumers feel about the brand, product or service, and we have not asked them a single question, nor have we asked them to consciously evaluate anything! We read their system one evaluations.

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