Neurosense launches a new tool for advertisers that finds the right programme for a campaign. Our unique matching algorithm will find the programme that matches the emotional profile of your brand or product. This test works entirely on the  intuitive or nonconscious level.  An ad that appeals to 90% of a medium sized audience will have a significantly higher return Read More


Market Researcher (Quantitative) based at Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Job Title: Market Researcher (Quantitative) Based at Cheltenham, UK Job Summary: Working with project and research Read More

Marketing Manager Asia (based at Malaybalay City Philippines)

Job title: Marketing Manager Asia (Philippines) Salary: Competitive Additional benefits: SSS, PhilHealth, PagIbig, 20 days’ vacation Read More

Graphic Designer (based at Malaybalay City Philippines)

Job Vacancy: Graphic Designer Salary: Competitive   Additional benefits: SSS, PhilHealth, Read More

Computer Programmer (based at Malaybalay City Philippines)

Job Vacancy: Computer Programmer Salary: Competitive   Additional benefits: SSS, PhilHealth, Read More


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What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. (Margaret Mead, 2000).

Neurosense was founded by two Oxford University professors looking to apply their academic knowledge in the commercial world. It is now one of the leading specialists in neuromarketing.

The focus of Neurosense's services is System 1 - nonconscious or fast thinking processes on which most consumer decisions are based. We recognise the limitations of traditional market research methods and know that there is often a truth gap between what consumers say they will do and how they actually behave. Asking people questions is only of value if they know the answers, and in fact much of consumer purchasing behaviour is driven automatically, intuitively and instinctively. These things are inherently difficult to verbalise and require special tools to get to them and extract them.

We specialise in uncovering these hidden triggers of consumer purchasing behaviour. Our neuromarketing methods are founded on reliable, scientifically validated technology that have been published in peer reviewed journals and can give brand managers a more accurate read of how consumers feel about a brand, product, service or message.

Implicit research methods help to build a bridge between the provider and the consumer. It helps brand managers identify whether they are providing or communicating the right benefits.

Implicit tests

  • are difficult to fake
  • capture the fundamental elements of what consumers want from a brand
  • capture feelings, emotions and attitudes consumers find difficult to express in words
  • are easy to run, they can be taken online, at a central location, on any device, and anywhere in the world

Why Neurosense?

  • Neurosense can help you build brand equity by optimising your brand assets
  • From easy-to-use automated products, such as trackers, to fully bespoke research projects, Neurosense has the solution for your business
  • If you need your research done quickly, our rapid response team will help you
  • You can benefit from the experience and knowledge we have built up over 15 years across the world in numerous market categories and cultures
  • We know what consumers want


Product Claims

We recently worked with one of the world leaders in health and beauty products to assess the claims that appear on packaging. We identified which claims were correctly Read More


There is little doubt that the most effective advertising campaigns engage consumers on an emotional level. What this means in practice is that Read More


Over the past few years, neuroscience has highlighted the substantial impact that packaging has on the way in which consumers perceive the product contained within it.  Read More


How fast is an implicit response?

People often ask me how fast a response needs to be, to be considered implicit. We always say that implicit processes are fast, but just how fast are they?  But Read More

What hard evidence is there that using implicit measures will lead to better decisions and better commercial ROI?

In a double blind study carried out by us for a major personal care brand and aimed at assessing which of several techniques could best predict the uptake of a brand extension, Read More

What's the science behind Implicit Reaction Speed (IRS) testing?

There has been over 30 years of academic research in cognitive psychology on the use of implicit measures, including articles from academics, practitioners, and ‘gurus’ Read More

What differentiates Neurosense's methodology from others in terms of the science and the outputs?

The tests we have developed have been specifically designed for commercial market research. Our tests provide huge flexibility in terms of the questions that can be addressed, Read More

If we used BrainLink to test a new design against the current pack, would the test tell us which one is preferred?

BrainLink does not only give a single answer about which pack is preferred (an overall engagement score) but also why it is preferred. If we had say 40 attributes, Read More

Is the BrainLink test based on just word attributes or can you use images?

Our test can use words or visuals or combinations of both. We usually use visuals as the target to look out for and words as attributes/primes. However, if you were testing Read More

What evidence is there that implicit reaction time tests can predict anything that explicit methods can’t?

In terms of the predictive validity of implicit versus explicit methods, there are numerous examples in the peer-reviewed literature demonstrating that in many circumstances Read More

What differentiates Neurosense's methodology from others in terms of the science and the outputs?

The tests we have developed have been specifically designed for commercial market research. Our tests provide huge flexibility in terms of the questions that can be addressed, Read More