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Neurosense is one of the world's leading and most established Neuromarketing Research agencies.
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Neurosense - Reasons to Believe

"What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things" (Margaret Mead).

There is often a truth gap in market research between what consumers say they do and how they actually behave. At Neurosense we recognise the limitations of traditional market research technology in finding out how consumers feel. Our methods are founded on reliable, scientifically validated methods that have been published in peer reviewed journals and can give brand managers a more accurate read of how consumers feel about a brand, product, service or message.

Implicit research methods help to build a bridge between the provider and the consumer. It helps brand managers identify whether they are providing or communicating the right benefits.

Implicit tests

  • are difficult to fake
  • capture how consumers really feel
  • are easy to run, they can be taken online, at a central location, on any device, and anywhere in the world

10 reasons to believe

  1. Neurosense helps build better brands, and we have been doing so for 15 years
  2. Neurosense helps reduce the risks – identifies which assets are working for you and which are not
  3. Neurosense provides the right tool for the right job – we have the most extensive set of implicit tools, each designed for a specific purpose for a specific type of research question
  4. Neurosense cares for its clients and we help you deliver the right solution for you – not the most convenient one for us. We help convert the complexities of the science into easy-to-understand insights
  5. Clients get access to a project manager as well as the person who designed the test, so they get speed and accuracy of service, and there is no misunderstanding through ‘Chinese whispers’
  6. Neurosense’s R & D department continuously strives to improve the accuracy and reliability of the tools to make them more efficient and cheaper to use
  7. Many of the tools developed by Neurosense have been automated – this means they are easy to set up and analysis can be carried out as soon as a project comes out of field
  8. Neurosense has a rapid response team – if you have a project that needs to be completed in one week then our rapid response team will guarantee its delivery
  9. Neurosense can adapt any implicit test for your needs, or even create a new bespoke test for you, so you can stamp your own personality on the research design
  10. Neurosense only conduct TRUE implicit tests – NOT PSEUDO-implicit tests. In a TRUE implicit no evaluative judgement is called for – in a PSEUDO-implicit test people are asked to make rapid evaluative judgements – that method is NOT implicit, it is fast-explicit, and hence can be easily faked. TRUE implicit cannot be easily faked at all